Magic Loop

Magic Loop is a technique used on small items like hats, socks, mittens, gloves, etc., that are knit in the round and is a great alternative to double pointed needles (dpn). I hate dpn, and to me this technique is brilliant and well worth the time for any knitter to learn it.

I struggled with this one. I kept making videos, and I was never really happy with the end product. I think the problem was that I already knew there was a great video out there, and I wasn’t doing any better or adding any additional information to it. So I decided to post the video by Knit Picks instead of my own. After all, this shouldn’t be about ego, it should be about giving people the information they need so they can learn to knit.

Let’s knit y’all!


  1. When would you want to use Judy's magic cast on Vs long tail or some other method? It appears that you have two sides of open stiches.

    1. Judy's magic cast on would be used for the toe of a sock. There could be other applications. The one that comes to mind is the body of a knitted toy. Really anywhere you don't want to sew a seam just for laziness sake or you don't want to risk a seam coming unsewn such as at the toe of a sock. Judy's magic cast on has a very specific use because it's closed. The other cast ons, which u pointed out are open, whatever they might be, can be used for almost anything else u might knit like sweaters and hats etc, and when worked in the round will result in a tube that is open at both ends. Those other cast ons will also be used for afghans and other flat items too, but you wouldn't be using magic loop for flat things. If I can help any further just let me know.