Knitting in the Round

For some reason, there is some sort of mystique surrounding knitting in the round, and there really is no reason for it. I suppose it's just the initial “wrapping your brain around it”. Once the brain has been wrapped, it’s a no brainer. :o)

There are a couple of key differences between flat knitting and knitting in the round. Stockinette Stitch, in flat knitting, is knit a row, turn, and then purl a row. However, knitting in the round has no turning. So how do you work Stockinette? How would you create an all smooth fabric on the right side of the fabric? Pause right here for a second and see if you can answer that question before moving on. Since the right side of the knitted fabric is always facing you, simply knit every round. This gives you the smooth side of the stitch facing you on each and every round you work, therefore you get Stockinette Stitch! Nifty, huh? So if you wanted Reverse Stockinette on the right side of the fabric, you would purl every row.

In the beginning, I had intended to continue to post projects for you to practice your skills, but I have changed my mind. Everyone likes different things, and time is too valuable to be wasting it on knitting things you have no interest in. From here on, you can pick your own projects. I'll be posting lessons on decrease and increases soon, so you'll be able to make anything you'd like.

Let’s knit y’all!

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