Yarn Over (YO)

A Yarn Over is an increase, meaning you gain a stitch, and is generally abbreviated YO.

It will result in 1 additional stitch on your right needle, without using a stitch on your left needle because it is worked between the stitches. The manner in which a YO is worked will be determined by the stitch before and after it.


  1. hi how are you today.. if you remember me.. i asked you about the yarn over sometime ago.. the information you gave me were so helpful, but what happened is that before i receive your response i had dropped my project.. now i am back to some over project but it requires yarn over as well.. this time with some psso..
    so i am a little bit lost..
    i hope you can help me..
    the pattern says:
    Row 1 (Right side): K1, *Yo, slip 1 as if to knit,
    K1, Yo, PSSO; repeat form * across.
    Row 2: (P2, drop Yo) across to last st, K1.
    Row 3: K2, *Yo, slip 1 as if to knit, K1, Yo,
    PSSO; repeat from * across to last st, K1.
    Row 4: P3, (drop Yo, P2) across.
    Repeat Rows 1-4

    i thought i was doing well in first row, until i reached second row, i couldnt do the " drop yarn" i had no yarn to drop..

    i chose easy patterns since i am still a beginner but i think they still hard on me..

    sorry for bothering again..

    1. Hi Naan! Yes I do remember u! If u don't mind, email me at letsknityall at gmail dot com. This may end up being a long discussion and it'll be easier thru email. When u write, can u send a link to the pattern or possibly a pic of the completed item that came in your book? Thanks. I'll be looking for your email.